September Newsletter

Note from the Greenhouse

September! Not sure where the summer went, but we here at Marlow orchids hope yours was as busy and productive as ours was, and we trust that you've enjoyed a happy and healthy growing season. As always, we've been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you interesting varieties of plants. Read on for growing tips as we move into the cooler months ahead, and don't forget our line of supplies, available on our website. Also—and most importantly—scroll down to see Marlow Orchids' big announcement. As always, we couldn't do it without you, our customers, and we are grateful to you every day for your continued support. Now get out there and enjoy the rest of your summer!

About Us

Marlow Orchids started in 1993 out of Jim Marlow’s small city backyard greenhouse. While working for Xerox, Jim would bring a few Phalaenopsis orchids to the office for sale. In 1995, Jim decided to start selling his plants at orchid shows, beginning with our home show in Rochester, NY. Very quickly he began to expand to other shows beyond New York State, all while continuing to work for Xerox full time. Fortunately for Jim, in 2002 he was given the opportunity to focus on his passion full time when Xerox offered him early retirement. Shortly before retirement, Jim and Mike purchased the property that Marlow Orchids, LLC currently sits on, and built a 2000-square-foot greenhouse. In 2003, the workshop, garage, and shipping areas were remodeled to support the growing operation. Marlow Orchids has continued to enlarge and expand, its business, and in 2014 the company saw another great growth spurt with the redevelopment of our website thanks to our webmaster Tim Choltco.  

We are located at:
2272 Scottsville Road
Scottsville, NY 14564
Tel: (585) 889-7083

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What’s News

After 25 years, Marlow Orchids, LLC is for sale! It has been a wonderful quarter-century, and we have enjoyed meeting and interacting with all the friends and family we have met over the years that we've been involved in the orchid-growing industry. But all good things must come to an end, and the time has come for us to transition to retirement and other activities. If you or anyone you may know might be interested in purchasing an existing, well-established business, please reach out and let us know. See below for details about this exciting opportunity.

Business Features:

  • Established, well-recognized brand

  • List of over 2,700 customer/client contacts

  • Brand new website

  • Brand new POS (Point of Sale) and inventory control system

  • Full greenhouse setup (RO System, fans, shade cloths, misters, and evaporative cooler), well over a $60,000 value

  • Approximately $120,000 in inventory

  • Annuals sales totaling $175,000 and growing

  • Over 50% of sales are repeat business

  • Supplier list and contacts available

Sale includes all inventory, supplies, equipment, and greenhouse setup. Maintenance on the greenhouse is required, and the asking price reflects this. Special note: the asking price is for the business only. If you are located in New York State and/or willing to relocate, the home and extensive property is also available for sale. Inquire if interested.

Asking Price: $175,000

Upcoming Events

October 5-6: Central New York Orchid Society Show and Sale, Syracuse, New York

October 19: Marlow Orchids fall open house, 9:30-3:30 PM

In and Around the Greenhouse

Our constantly expanding line of potting media and growing supplies is available both at the greenhouse and online including but not limited to fertilizer, sprays, growing enhancers, and pots. Check out our current inventory on the website under Growing Supplies. And as always, be sure to visit our website to see what's currently for sale in spike and in bloom. This list obviously changes with the season, so check back regularly!

Featured Plant

Our featured plant this month is a sterling example of the beauty that can result from a non-standard color form of a typical species. Cattleya (Sophronitis) coccinea 'Flava' is a rare, hard to find collectors item, and it's now available in flasks from Marlow Orchids. Formerly known as Sophronitis, Cattleya coccinea is a miniature species normally known for its brilliant orange red flowers. The form 'Flava' features bright crystalline pure yellow blooms, and has proven itself invaluable in mini Catt hybridization programs.

The species is native to mountain rainforests in Brazil, growing as epiphytes on trees between 3,000-5,000 feet in elevation. The climate is cool, bright, and humid. Plants are very small, and the 3-4" leaves typically feature a darker stripe along the midrib. Plants often produce multiple leads from the newest bulbs, and under ideal conditions they can form sizable clumps. Most have a single 2" bloom per inflorescence, and flowers (non-fragrant) can last 6-8 weeks.

Our hobby flasks contain 8-12 seedlings, ready to transplant out. We have these in an extremely limited supply—and once they're gone, they're gone. So don't wait, get yours now! Cattleya coccinea 'Flava' flasks

Tip of the Month

Summer is is waning—and that means it's nearly time to think about bringing in your summering orchids! If you're like many of us, you move at least part of your collection outside to enjoy natural rain showers, fresh air, and sunshine. Doing so can promote strong, healthy roots, and the cooler night temperatures also help initiate blooming in many varieties. While some species can handle temperatures down to freezing, the majority will need to be brought indoors before night temps regularly fall below 50 degrees, and certainly before any danger of frost. But before you bring any of your plants inside, make sure you see to a few small tasks:

  • Clean up debris. If your plants have been outside for months, they've no doubt picked up bits of leaves, moss, seeds, and other debris from nearby trees or shrubs. In some cases, seeds may even have sprouted and found a welcoming home among your orchids' roots. Carefully check all plants, clean off debris, and check between leaves and roots for weeds or sprouted seedlings. A pair of tweezers can come in handy for this, and a wooden chopstick is useful for carefully digging between roots.

  • Inspect and treat plants for pests and fungi. Plants that are growing outdoors on a bench are subject to all manner of invasive pests that may find the pseudobulbs, leaves, and especially the roots to be delicious. Scale insects are common invaders, so look closely on the undersides of leaves and in leaf axils and along pseudobulbs. During extended periods of damp weather, fungus can also establish itself in the orchid growing medium and under leaves in places that stay damp. Spraying with a good all-purpose systemic insecticide and fungicide will help ensure you don't bring any of these freeloaders inside to your winter growing area or greenhouse. Make sure to check plants after the first treatment and follow up with a second treatment within 7-10 days.

  • Repot as needed. Fall is obviously not the ideal time to repot many orchid varieties, but if you find any growing media that has started breaking down, these plants will need to be repotted regardless of the season.

Happy Growing!

Jonathan Jones